Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sharing My Secret With The Girls!

Last Wednesday, I invited my girl friends to have a luncheon picnic and then go swimming with me. I decided to have the picnic in the secret garden. I started grilling around 10:30 AM. I made some Filipino style barbecued pork in skewers, barbecued ribs and grilled some veggies (squash, zucchini, mushrooms and bell peppers). I just threw everything on the grill. I also served corn on a cob but I bought the frozen ones and just microwaved them.

This is one way of accessing the secret garden and probably the easiest.

Bird handled flatware is appropriate for outdoor use.

There is hubby spreading more moth balls in the yard. He did not know I already did that earlier but there is no harm in laying more. He is determined to keep those snakes away. He knows I will stop gardening if I saw even just one. I am so terrified of them.

I moved the picnic basket and flatware from the table to the railroad ties when I was ready to set the food on the table.
I wrapped the flatware with cloth napkins before I laid them down. This way the flying bugs would not get to them. I opened the napkins just for the picture taking and when it was time to eat.

I placed the plates in the picnic basket for the same reason, so the bugs would not get to them while I was cooking. This allowed me to set everything ahead of time in the garden.

Everything's all ready now.

But of course, we could not leave my mom out. While we were picnicking down below, I had her eating up on the deck where she could see us. I just did not want to risk her falling down the steps cause some of them are pretty steep.

Here we all are, the happy hungry bunch! John came home at lunch time but did not join us. He said he will leave us ladies alone:-)

I set the dessert table on one of the deck tables. I knew we wouldn't be hungry for dessert yet, right after eating all that food.
The cups had sea shell shaped saucers.

The teapot is a vintage Bavarian Tirschenreuth. I love the colors and the flowers on it. We had raspberry/cranberry tea. They loved it, in fact they asked for the site where I order them from. They are Whittard of Chealsea's instant tea. I don't think I have tried any of their flavors that I did not like. I kept the teapot in a warmer so we can drink tea anytime while swimming

I like using these screened domes to cover the food. Even if I do not see any bugs, it gives me peace of mind that the food will stay sanitary.

Yummy carrot cake!

Unfortunately, Doris and Mercy had to leave right after eating and could not join us to swim. Doris' office manager had to leave town to visit a sick brother so she had to take over managing the clinic.

Here's Brenda and Debjani.
Way to go, Brenda!

We really all had a great time. We even talked about going night swimming sometime soon.

Debjani shot this. Good thing my feet were clean, lol.

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