Friday, May 13, 2011

Mississippi River Flooding

We have been making national news lately because of the rising of the Mississippi River. Friends and relatives have been calling asking if we are ok. Today, I drove to the Mississippi River to see how high the water has risen and took pictures so I can share them with you. I thought the pictures will explain better because it is a little confusing how one side of the river is flooding and the other side is not. We live in Natchez which is mostly situated on a bluff but the other side of the bridge, Vidalia, LA and the town next to it, Ferriday, are low and are both in danger of flooding. People who live there have been moving their possessions for now.

It will be a different kind of sightseeing today. I am showing you the river.

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My pink and favorite contribution is a setting for 12 vintage dinnerware. It is a Bavarian fine china made by Tirschenreuth in Dogwood pattern. As you can see in the pictures, there is a very subtle pink in the center of the flowers. The china is very delicate. I have had them for a while but I have not used them yet. One of these days, I will create a tablescape with them.

Now on to our sightseeing. I was taking the pictures from the Natchez side. I really did not want to go to the Vidalia side for obvious reasons. Can you see all the curious poeple watching the river? That includes me, lol.

There is the bridge. The other side of the bridge is already Lousiana. Do you see the bluff? It is very high. The trees in front of the bluff are very tall but all we can see are the top. That should give you an idea of how tall the bluffs are.

The other side, however is not sitting on bluff. You can see Comfort Suites in Vidalia where they've built a levy and filled in front of it with sand. So far, that is the only thing that is keeping the water from entering the hotel. But the worst is not here yet. The river is supposed to crest on the 21st of this month and they are afraid that the levee will not hold up. Right now the water has risen 58.04 ft, which is already a record high, but it should crest at 64 ft. in less than a week. I used to like to stay there when I was house hunting because of the fabulous water view.

This is Promise Hospital, which is on the left side of the bridge in Vidalia. It is already surrounded by water. Everybody has been evacuated from there.

Here is the Natchez side again. See how far we are from the water? However, the casino which is on the water might flood, but right now it is still in operation.

There are a few restaurants almost adjacent to the casino and they are in danger of flooding. They are under the hill. They have a nice view but they are low.

The only thing preventing the flooding of Riverpark Medical building is the levee that they just temporarily built. There are layers of sandbags in front of the levee.

Again, the Natchez side.

More curious onlookers.

Thought I'd show you a magnolia tree which is blooming right now. It is Mississippi's national flower.

The gazebo by the river on the Natchez side. The MS river is only 5 minutes away from home so it is pretty scary that this is all happening so near.

Please pray so that the water does not cause any damage to the houses of the people in Vidalia and Ferriday and that the people be safe. Thank you so much for stopping by and thank you for for your concerns. Thanks also to our hostesses.
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