Friday, November 11, 2011

Last of Charleston's Photos and Pink Accessories

Happy weekend, y'all!

Today, for Pink Saturday. I thought I would just post some of my pink purses. The Coach purse on top was given to me by my stepdaughter, whose company BTW, we are enjoying right now, since she is visiting with her 3 tots from Florida.

I am a purse-a-holic too, among other things, lol. I store my purses in an antique armoire my hubby bought me for my birthday 2 years ago, in our bedroom. I keep most of them in dust bags.

See the books on the floor? They belong to the hall bookcases, which I had to empty in preparation for the new floors to be replaced.

Please visit Beverly at to see some lovely pinks!

For Sightseeing Saturday, I am sharing the last batch of our photos taken in Charleston, SC. I hope you enjoy seeing as much as I enjoyed taking them.

The weather was perfect the whole time we were there. This was a square right next to the hotel where we stayed in. It seems like everybody was out enjoying the weather.

This was the flea market right across the hotel which I visited frequently especially when John was at the meeting.

We basically just walked around the hotel where there were so many beautiful spots to see.

I like to peek through iron fences.

Tricycles like this and horse carriages were all over.

There were a lot of churches around too.

Beautiful flowers everywhere.

Horse posts where they used to tie their horses in the olden days.

A view of the Ashley River through the trees.

Multi million dollar homes with spectacular views of the Ashley River.

I love the columns of this theater.

Another church.

This must be the cruise port, right behind the US Custom House. I can see the Carnival ship peeking out on the right.
We start taking our daily walk from the time John comes back from the meetings at around 1 PM until dark or until my feet cannot take it anymore.

I love cobblestone alleys.

We're back in the hotel!

And this concludes our trip to Charleston, which I enjoyed immensely.

Thank you so much for taking the virtual tour with me and thanks Beverly, for hosting another fun Pink Saturday.
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