Friday, November 4, 2011

Natchez Chili Cook Off, 2011

We should do something exciting, after all it is Saturday again. I have one more post for my Charleston trip but I thought I would take a break this weekend and post it next Saturday instead.

Every fall, Natchez holds a chili cook-off by the river and it is a small event but fun to go to. John was in Florida so I went with my friends, Debjani and Keka. I will never forget last year's event because that was when my mom passed out from having a very low blood pressure and then, we ended up going to the hospital. She was on prescribed blood pressure pills then and I had given her one in the morning. It turned out that she did not need them and has not taken any since then.

I took this sign on my way to the event.

It is also time for Pink Saturday so let me show you this pink Limoges Coronet Rose-LC teapot and demitasse cups and saucers. I also have some bowls. We are getting ready to get our floors replaced (got the insurance money, Yipee!!) and before they could move the cabinets, I had to empty them. It will be a lot of work because you know, I have too much stuff. I forgot all about this set and saw it as I was emptying the TV cabinet, lol. Before I put it in a bin and move it to the garage, I took pictures to show you. I even have the label for the bin all ready. I think the pink shade of this is very sweet. The set has gold borders.

Go visit Beverly's blog at if you want to see more lovely pinks. Ok, here are more pictures from the Chili Cookout.

Debjani and I were enjoying our chilis.
The weather was perfect with beautiful clear blue skies.

There were activities for kids too.

This must have been the booth with the venison chili.

For $5, we were given a small cup and spoon and we could go to any or all of the booths and taste their chili. We were also given a ticket to vote for which we thought tasted the best. They all tasted the same to me so I gave my ticket to Debjani, lol.

The Old South Traading Post is where we usually bring visitors to buy souvenirs.

There was a pretty good turnout.

I would also like to link with The Tablescaper's Seasonal Sunday at

Thank you so much for stopping by and thanks to all our hostesses.

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