Monday, November 14, 2011

Playing Artists

I have been working really hard towards the replacement of our floors while working with my daughters through long distance on baby plans, making travel arrangements, working with the gardener one day a week and preparing my booth for the coming holidays. Debjani has been studying hard in school and so we both decided that we need to do something relaxing and fun.

During Balloon Festival last month, we bought an unpainted plaque with a hot air balloon with the intention of painting them. And so Debjani came on her day off from school and this became our project. It was a nice day so we did it on our project table in the garage, with music blasting from the i phone. The top oval one is Debjani's and mine is the rectangular one at the bottom.

While we were painting, I was baking stuffed pork chops with boudin. This was the first time I've ever had this and it was delicious. I bought it already stuffed at the Vidalia Cajun market.

Debjani brought Mississippi Mud cake for our dessert. mmm, it was so good and moist that I ate all of our leftover, too lol

While I was setting the table, I remembered I had bought some plates from Sur la Table sometime last year that are shaped like a painter's palette.

I wanted to add something colorful too so out came the Spode Emma's Garland tea set.

This table was thrown together for less than 10 min. in between painting and cooking, so there is nothing fancy here.

I love the unusually shaped plates that are so perfect for the occasion.

I used an oval seagrass placemats and a sparkly glass green plate chargers.

No salad plates needed cause we only had rice and pork chops. Besides, I did not want to cover these unique plates.

We took a picture of the artist wannabes just before eating, lol.

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