Friday, October 5, 2012

American Limoges Coral Set and An Old Paris

I am going to FL to visit my kids and grandkids and by the time this posts, I will already be holding my precious grandbabies. Yay! So, I apologize if I do not get to visit you sooner but I will try to catch up.
Today, Oct. 5th is also my wedding anniversary and my wonderful, kind, hard working, and generous hubby, John. I have been so busy closing the store and packing and cleaning (I don't like to go on a trip with a dirty house even if it is really a mess by the time I get back, lol), so I forgot about it. Shame, shame on me! But I had a present for him, just not wrapped. He woke me up so early to wish me so I snuck out into the walk in closet while he was in the shower and bagged the present, lol. I don't feel too bad cause his present for me did not get here on time either. He said it is still in the mail and hopes it comes today. Happy Anniversary, M! I love you very much and pray for my blessings everyday of having you, even if I am bratty sometime:-)!
Sorry for the interruption, let's go back to my china.
The gravy boat below was named "Diploma Coral Pink" I noticed it does not have that darker pink band like what you see on the other pieces below.
I thought I would post this for Beverly Pink Saturday at
I am linking with more which I will enter at the bottom of this post.
While many others are posting the warm colors of Fall, I thought I would be a little different by posting something sweeter than warmer in color, my pink American Limoges china set. I have seen them in 3 pattern names, Coronet Rose, Federal Coral Pink and Diploma Coral Pink. I guess I should call them coral in color since that seems to be common in all the descriptive patterns. They are all similar in looks with that gold edging, kinda looks like a Greek crown to me and a very pale and delicate coral/peach/pink sweet color. You might have seen these in the past but I acquired more pieces on Ebay on different occasions and I am always on the lookout for more.
 You might have seen my dear friend, Fabby of 's pretty blue version of them.

 As you can see, I only have a tea pot, cream and sugar servers, 2 sets of demitasse cups and saucers, 8 teacups and 5 saucers, 8 salad plates, 1 charger plate, 6 bowls and 4 dinner plates so I am still searching for more pieces.
 I also found this antique Old Paris piece from a basement of an antique shop. The basement is where they put their garage sale items. I got it for $16 and is supposed to be a base for something that is missing on top, perhaps a compote? But I thought I could use it for a candle holder and I do not own anyhing Old Paris since they are scarce and expensive especially when they are in good shape. You will see it here with a candle on top.
 I am glad I got it cause it is really pretty, I think. I can even put a bowl on top of it.

 I can use the charger plate for a tray for my tea set.
Thanks for stopping by and for your wonderful comments! And thank you, especially to our hostesses. I appreciate all your efforts and hard work.
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