Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Deer Stampede, A Hunter's Dream

Last Sunday, we were invited for potluck lunch to a friend's house, but her husband was called to work so she canceled on the last minute. We had already prepared what we were going to bring so the rest of us just decided to push through with the pot luck and have it at home. I offered since I already had this table set up for my tablescape contribution on my blog for this week.

 I bought this pair of big bucks from the antique store on our shopping trip last week after our walk. I forgot to show them when I showed the other items cause they were in boxes.
 John bought the smaller wrought iron does from a store in St. Francisville after Christmas last year. They were 75% off. I only wanted 2 but he bought all of them, lol.
 I bought the deer napkin rings from Utah during our trip there last summer. The bone flatware are from Horchow or Neiman Marcus. They are very heavy.
 The dinner plates are American Atelier's Mehndi Brown.
 The salad plates featuring different animals that get hunted were from Z Gallerie. I used wooden plate chargers but the 2 at the end of the table are cross sections of a tree trunk.

 Wine glasses have game birds and hunting animals on them. They are Ebay finds. I paired them with my green goblets.

 Spode duck S& P shakers from HG in FL. The squirrel is from a local antique shop. I bought the antler candle holders from a Filipina who moved to another state. I can't remember where the squirrel S & P shakers are from.
 John wanted me to take a video to make the deer look like they are walking, lol. I have not watched the video.

 Here are my lady guests with me. I set the buffet table on the kitchen counter. We had egg rolls, pancit palabok, veggie omelets, sotanghon with patola, sauteed veggies with mushrooms, ginataang bilo bilo and of course rice and dessert. Sorry if you are not familiar with the dish names, they are mostly Filipino food.

 I set the round table in the kitchen for the kids. We had 3 kid guests. I used the same ghost plates that I have shown a few weeks ago, I thought the kids would enjoy having a Halloween theme. We gave the younger kids their meals first and then got ours.
 And here we are! We all had a lot of fun even though it was a last minute planning.

Below is our dessert table which some of you have already seen from the tea parties yesterday.
Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you get to visit our hostesses too and their other participants. Happy Halloween to all!
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Bernadine said...

WOW! That is a very interesting table. So creative and fun. What a great setting for men, too! Especially the cut log chargers. Hmmm... we have some nice oak limbs outside from our tree that split in a storm. I wonder if I can make some nice natural chargers out of those, too? My very favorite item amongst all these great things? The cut glass goblets with the animals etched on them you found on Ebay. Very nice. You always set the best tables. I'm sure your guests love dining at your home.

Sarah said...

Christine, what a beautiful table. I'm glad you decided to go ahead with your plans so your friends could enjoy dining at this fabulous tablescape. The woodsy feel is perfect for autumn........Sarah

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Now, weren't they blessed that you blog and tablescape! Wow, this might well be one of my favorites of your 'scapes, Chrstine. I love it.

Hope you are doing well. My email is down, and I need to get you my new address. I miss you!



sabri said...

Love it ! And you can use the bucks for the christmas season..some red bows and too cute for a holiday table..

Terra said...

Your table and your home look very welcoming; the big bucks are so graceful, and the etched goblets are beauties. The squirrel is cute too.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Beautiful my dear friend as everything you do..Hugs and smiles Gloria

Entertaining Women said...

I'm with John, I'd have bought all those deer, too. They are all spectacular! I love that your table was set and ready to go for a delightful serendipitous evening of food, fun & fellowship. A gorgeous tables cape. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Hi Christine, Your table looks totally gorgeous!! Love it with the wallpaper! And those game plates are so neat! You are quite the entertainer and designer! Gina

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What a great table, Christine. Everything goes together so well with your theme. It was so nice that you even had a cute kids table ready, too. Everyone must've had a wonderful time!

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

OH my so many great items on your table! The deer are fabulous and kudos to your hubby for buying all of the other smaller ones! You really set a beautiful table and your kitchen is fabulous! Love all of your serving dishes and all the food is so nicely displayed. You have a beautiful home!

Monica @ Happily Playing with Dishes said...

Your table is awesome. The centerpiece is fantastic. I love all your buffet serving pieces too. It is so great that it all came together at the last minute. I'm sure you all had a great time.

Anonymous said...

You always set the most amazing tables and have the most delicious meals Christine!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

What a beautiful table setting! I love those S&P shakers - so cute! Looks like you all had a great time and a yummy meal :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Scribbler said...

This is the most stunning table! I am sure the men were in heaven!

That food looks delicious. Maybe you should give us all a little lesson now and then on Filipino food -- I love to try new things, and I don't think I have ever had the opportunity to try any of this. It looks incredible.

bj said...

OMYGOSH, what a beautiful table. The deer (reindeer?? :) are so pretty.

Never heard of the foods you have but they all sound good. Did you do all the cooking for your ladies buffet?

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Wow! What an amazing table -- love the "wild side". Everything is amazing -- and I know the kids had a great time at their table as well. Food looks fabulous!

An Oasis in the Desert said...

This is lovely. Very Ralph Lauren-ish!

Crystal Grandeur said...

Hello....what a fabulous table setting you have created.Grand one.thank you for dropping in to say a nice comment and to share this fab table....:):):)

Marigene said...

Fantastic table, Christine. Love all the browns you have used. The food looks amazing, your friends are so lucky to be able to dine at your home.

Susan Hawthorne said...

I love all the elements on your table, especially the gorgeous horn flatware! Susan at Romancing the Home


I'm sorry I missed this Chris..don't know how either! I'm glad you brought me here to this gorgeous and fun table too. I love all the deer running around your table, a real Hunter's Dream perfect setting and it looks like your lovely dining room also blends perfectly too!...John is really a great guy, we are so lucky they also go for it. The food is making me drool, wish I could taste all those Philippino dishes, they look fabulous! Spectascular tablescape my friend, you outdid yourself.
Big hugs,

ElleX said...

As always, beautiful table and mouth watering food!!

Katherines Corner said...

a gorgeous table! I love everything but I really love the squirrels! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo

Alycia Nichols said...

Whoa! There was enough food there to feed a small army!!! I'm glad you were able to offer up your beautiful home and table to save the day! I am so in love with that flatware that I am just beside myself!!!! It is the ultimate!!! Great pair of bucks, too! I love big stuff like that on a table! This is just the right balance of rustic and chic!!! I have some of the wood slice chargers, too, and will be featuring them in an upcoming post. They really look great this time of year, and I like how you used them just on the ends. Very cool!

Kathy Olson said...

Lovely! I love those reindeer!

Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes said...

Christine, you are truly a dear to offer your home so the party could go on! Your deer tablescape is stunning! I am not familiar with the dishes your group served, but they look delicious in your photos!

Judy Biggerstaff said...

This is so beautiful Christine, love your deer tablescape and the two deer in the middle make such a gorgeous centerpiece. What a table with the that runner and all your added decor. Love the dishes and flatware too. You have outdone yourself and your friends all get to enjoy your wonders.

Kathy said...

Exquisite tablescape, Christine. Love the bucks, the plates, the textures and the patterns - beautifully done! Marvelous that it was set for your potluck! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

The Charm of Home said...

It is all so very pretty! I love it that people actually eat at your tables! Love the flatware!

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