Thursday, October 18, 2012

Eat, Drink and Be Scary!

It's this time of the week again when we get to play and also this time of the month when we get to post scary but cute things.
Today, I decided to combine ghosts and witches. I found these placemats at Kohls while in FL last week.
We are expecting my stepdaughter Kerri and her family today from Florida, and I think the kids, Noah (7), Zoe (5) and Holden (3) will probably enjoy seeing this.
 I have had the witch for 2 years now, just stored in the dish room in the garage but today, she got to come out for a while.

 I placed her sitting on a double wire spider tray rack and she is very comfortable feeling at home there.

 Took out my Wicked S & P shakers from Ross from last year. She does not look so wicked since she has that big smile.
 Pewter like witch hat candle holder I found at TJ Maxx on clearance. I think it was $5.99.

 Since I somewhat child proofed the house already, in preparation for the grandkids' visit, which includes turning the cabinet of drawers full of napkin rings faced to the wall, I could not get to the other napkin rings, so I used these rustic tin birds that were kept in the china cabinet drawer.
 I combined the amber Iris goblets (love the bubbles) and black wine glasses. I hardly use these amber glasses because I forget them a lot of times since they are out of sight, stored behind plate chargers in my plate charger cabinet in the laundry room.
 Do you see the purple spider?
 There it is!
 I elevated the witch hat on a copper bowl.

 Eeeowww! There's that spider again!
 I found this cute little ghost thing in the Dollar store.
 Dinner plates from Homegoods in Cape Coral, FL that I bought last week while visiting my daughter.
 I thought they would go so well with my German made black and white ghost plates that I bought for my classmates' visit. So, even if they are heavy, I placed them in my hand carry suitcase and struggled to lift it up on the airplane overhead bin. Of course, it was stuffed with more breakable items. It is so annoying that a Tracy Porter teapot and a big candle holder broke, in spite of my very careful packing. The problem is I had to take a small connecting flight to Baton Rouge and the airline personnel had to take this luggage to store it somewhere during the flight, and you know they are not very careful in handling bags.
Anyway, we called ourselves "Spooks" in College (and we still do) so we use ghosts a lot.
 Acorn S & P shakers, tin bird napkin ring holding a black and white napkin.

Thanks a lot for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed my not too scary tablescape. Thank you so much to our hostesses for always throwing these wonderful parties!
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