Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Love Topiary

I am going to be very busy this week so I cannot set a new tablescape but this is not that old and I have not posted it yet. If you are a reader of my blog, you must have seen me post a tea setting that I used when my friends and I did some Latin dance workout here. I told you I will share the tablescape soon so here it is!
On another note, the reason I will be very busy is that John and I decided to close our booth in an antique shop. Inasmuch as I enjoy it, I am tired of moving stuff around. This is the second space where we moved to. The first store's air con quit working and the ceiling was leaking and the owner refused to fix it. So we moved to this one where the owner reassured our landlord that it does not flood. Well, it rained the last 2 days and it had flooded, again, for the second time actually.
I will go there to pick everything I want. Then, I will take my friends to pick whatever they want and whatever is left will be donated to St. Andrews Thrift Shop to get deductions. We need some tax deductions! I feel bad for closing but then again, it will give me more time blogging. Yay!
Let's focus back on my table. The picture below was before the food was placed on the table.

I served a lemon chicken ring, a recipe I got from Pampered Chef. We all enjoyed it and it looked so pretty!

The salad plates I have had for years, I bought them from TJ Maxx in Clearwater, FL. I have never seen them anywhere else. I saw them in the clearance section and I think they were $2 or $3 each. I love the different topiary on them.

Since it is a garden theme, I used a watering can for my napkin rings.
Green goblets for our diet coke and water.
Napoleon bee flatware, pierced white plate chargers and paisley dinner plates. We used the dinner plate for the chicken dish and the salad plate for dessert. A very simple lunch menu but was enjoyed by all.

The tea setting that I have shared on Teatime memes about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

This was after our workout, happy and hungry!
Thanks for stopping by and most especially for your comments, which I really enjoy reading. Thank you so much to the following hostesses that I am linking with for all their hard work hosting these parties, week after week. I might not be able to visit much this next 2 weeks but I will try. Aside from moving all the stuff from the store, I am going to Florida soon to visit the grandchildren. Meantime, enjoy the weeks ahead!
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