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Teapots and Things in My Cabinets

Sandy of

is having a "What's in Your Cabinet" party. It sounds like fun so here I am posting something for you all. I did not show all my cabinets because it's just too much and I do not want to overwhelm you but I am showing a few where I keep some tea sets. I apologize in advance because there are still a lot of pictures even if I did not shpw everything. Enjoy!
This one's in the family and you probably have seen it cause it is the newest cabinet that we acquired.
 I keep my flow blue collection here and then some.

 Bottom shelf has my Homer Laughlin eggshell dinner and tea set and a silver plated set.

 This large cabinet is in the kitchen. I bought it from Nancy of Nancy's Daily Dish.

 The top shelf has Quimper pieces and others.
 Second shelf has some MacKenzie Childs dishes and a Queen Elizabeth II teapot and cups.
The bottom shelf has my pink/peach American Limoges Coronet tea set. I have other pieces which I stored in the garage. Yes, I have a walk in dish room in the garage full of dishes and 1/3 of the garage has shelves that hold more of my dishes.
On one side shelf holds a tea set that looks like a blue and white pottery. I also have 4 antique teacup sets here that have an unusual shape. Notice the deep saucers and the spouted cups.  Supposedly, hot coffee is poured from the cup into the saucers to cool and then sipped from the saucer.
 Bottom of left side shelves holds Limoges William Guerin and Hammersley's Bird of Paradise dish sets and cups.
 On the middle shelf of the right cabinet is a tea set with Fleur de lis.
 The bottom has Bavarian Tirshenreuth "Rosedale" dish set.
 I have some Old Britain Castle cup sets here. I have a complete dinnerware set that is stored in the garage. The only reason I left some here is to remind me to use them if I want to. I also have a tea set in the garage in the same pattern.
 On top of the fridge is a chicken teapot and chicken sugar and creamer set inside the cloche and another unmarked one with a bird finial.
 I also have another cloche up there with antique cups.
 I have a copper tea kettle hanging on the pot rack above the kitchen island.
I have more tea sets in the kitchen cabinets and on top of the cabinets, mostly Polish Pottery which I won't bother showing now. It's just too much.
 In the formal dining room, I have this corner china cabinet.
 Inside is my gold and platinum Greek key dinnerware set which includes a complete tea/coffee set.
 Next to it is a tea table with white coffee and tea lattice set.
 The bottom shelf holds a Celadon set and a Sheffield silver plated teapot behind it.
 In the hallway, I have a doll cabinet.
 and I keep my Prince William and Princess Kate plate and cup here. It's special to me because they were married on April 29 (which is written on the china), which is both my husband's and my birthdays. Their initials of CW are written both on the plate and cup too which are also my initials.
 You might have seen this because I posted it maybe last month. It was a cabinet in the family room which I moved to a guest room designated for my mom.
 Everything here are tea sets. Top has Johann Haviland Brown Rose, 2 other BavarianTirschenreuth teapot sets and a Tirschenreuth "Briar Rose" tea and coffee sets.
 2nd shelf has Hammersley's "Bird of Paradise tea set, a teaset with Victorian courting couple, a jade mini tea set, Tirschenreuth set (can't remember pattern name) and Poland's Warvel.
 Third shelf has Kent Pottery tea set, 222 Fifth green and white "Adelaide", a coffee pot with purple flowers called Enchantment by Royal Stafford, Tirschenreuth green and white set and Tracy Porter's Artesian. I love the peacocks on that one.
 The bottom shelf has my Spode Emma's Garland set and some others that I cannot remember pattern names.
Thanks for your visit and especially for your kind comments.
I appreciate the hostesses for these fun parties and for all their hard work.
I have a lot more tea sets in other cabinets and in the garage too but I will just show those some other time.
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Thanks again, ladies!


Lavender Cottage said...

Christine, you have so many china collections, we could all come to your place and have a huge tea party.
Thanks for sharing them all, I really liked the dolls.

Beth said...

Hi Christine, Your collections are just astonishing! I love the Flow blue and the Bavarian Rosedale. Love your variety of teapots too. Have a wonderful week, Christine!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Christine,
Oh my, you could have a big tea party and invite all of us to it! You have so many lovely pieces and I love the cabinet you found at Nancy's. I like the etched glass cloche. It's very pretty!
Of course my favourite pieces would be the red transferware. I just find it so very charming! Love the white lattice tea set too. I have the tea pot. Thank you for sharing all your pretties with us and have a lovely week.


The French Hutch said...

Christine, Your have such beautiful collections. I've never seen your Quimper pieces before. I am going back to scroll through and see all the lovely pieces. Love your copper pot rack! WOW! Thanks for sharing your collections.

The French Hutch

Blondie's Journal said...

I never realized you had so many tea sets but it makes sense because I know you love tea. They are all so pretty, so are the cabinets! I agree with the other ladies...we should all visit and have one big tea party!


Traci said...

You have so many pretty things!!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

WOW Christine you have such beautiful collections and the cabinets you display them in are just as beautiful!!

Tea in Texas said...

Christine, I just love all your beautiful china and the wonderful cabinets are so great to store your sets. My favorite are the china teasets. The parties and tablescapes are always so beautiful. I'm glad you shared your collections for it so fun to view your photos. I enjoy following your blog for it is always so great to see what you have created.

Thanks, Pam

GinaBVictorian said...

Hi Christine, Wow! You have a lot of tea sets! Pretty! Pretty!

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Christine: I am speachless! You have so much china. I love it. Next time my children say anything about the china I own, I am going to take them to your post. Amazing! Blessings, Martha

Terri said...

Oh Christine! I think you could open a china shop right in your home! You have got to have the largest collection I know of, even more thank Martha, and that as you know, is saying something! Lol!!!
All your china is beautiful. The cabinets are beautiful too! I love the blue flow ware you shared too. So gorgeous!
Happy Fall!

Zaa said...

OMG Christine... I'll have to spend more time here just to take in all your beautiful china pieces... I'm in love with your etched glass cabinets ..They're gorgeous... and display your china beautifully.

Very few people have celadon sets, which are amongst my favourites, especially, since collecting antique pieces from Japan.

..My husband is smitten with the design and I had to tell him to stop collecting ..Now that 's a switch , isn't it ( ha ha)

It so delightful to see your cabinets decorated and themed for special items too ... a loving spot for everything... Thank You for sharing your stunning collection ...HUGS


Oh Christine, I so ADORE to see your dish is stunning!!!!!
I love dishes, so looking at your stash is like going to DISH HEAVEN!!...and not only that, you live in it, lol..Your American Limoges is just like my aqua one, mother gave me, her 1950's elegant china for guests. The cabinet from Nancy's is gorgeous and all filled up with treasures even better! I'm in love with the Quimper things too..but than again, I love everything you have in your gorgeous home my friend! Hugs,

Bernadine said...

Thanks for all the 'eye candy'. You have some incredible china sets. I can't imagine what else is tucked away!! You have a great idea to leave some pieces out as a reminder to use them. And as far as cloches go, the etched one on top of the refrigerator is especially nice. Have a great day.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Happy Fall, my friend, and what a lavish table you have set there! Love it, Christine. You really have the gift!

I have missed you. I had to take down my blog email because someone sent me a virus. Now I can't remember the password to get in it. Isn't that pitiful???

Hope you are well and that is well with your sweet John and the family.

We had some major house repairs to make (I will report on it later if I can get pictures from my roofer), but I am going to wait a little longer to get a computer. I can just try and visit on Fred's when he brings it with him at night.

Love you...



camp and cottage living said...

You have such beautiful collections of tablewares! It must be hard to decide which to use.

Diane said...

Christine - I had not seen this post and your collection is amazing! I thought I had a problem with sugar and creamer sets - nothing to compare with yours. Thanks for giving me the link - I loved seeing all of these beautiful things!!

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