Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Garden Photos and Refreshing Simple Punch

There are a lot of flowers blooming in our garden. I am going to show you but I cannot name most of them.

I finally got "My Secret Garden" sign! I have looked all over for one but all I could find are small ones so I had Paula custom make one for me. She even painted a bird on it as I requested. Do you see it?

I have this fountain hanging on the brick wall right outside the kitchen breakfast nook. Do you see the fruits of the kumquat plant?

Iron boxed planters are hanging on the iron fence by the driveway.
We have 2 big bushes or more like small trees of these roses of Sharon.


Various plants...the butterfly likes the lantana.

a bicycle planter in the front porch.

Front porch plants and flowers.

Grapes, peppers and tomatoes

These small fragrant flowers are our national flowers in the Philippines. We call them sampaguita and they belong to the Jasmine family. They really smell so sweet!

Below are flowers hanging on the porch and gazebo.

Various types of Hibiscus


The magnolia trees are also blooming. The flowers are so pretty but short lived. They usually just bloom for one day and then they turn brown.

Potted plants on concrete pedestals.

Even the orchids are blooming.

Whew! It is a lot of work gardening, isn't it? We better get a refreshment.

This is my contribution for Foodie Friday. My daughter called me once from Florida after coming from a party telling me about this. She said the punch was so good and so pretty and then she found out how simple it is to prepare it.

That's right, it really is so simple, just 7 Up and Vanilla ice cream. Scoop up some vanilla ice cream in a bowl and add 7 Up and that's it! It comes out all white and it fizzles and it looks and tastes wonderful. In fact, I just mixed some today straight into a glass and had it. So refreshing!! You can add Malibu coconut in it if you want.

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Summer means a lot of planting for me and seeing beautiful gardens and gorgeous flowers.

Thanks to these gracious hostesses for these fun memes. You should go visit them to see some great recipes, gardens and beautiful posts. And thank you all for coming for a visit.
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