Friday, June 18, 2010

Favorite Vodka Decanter and Palm Trees in Florida

I have been having company which is making me extremely busy. Right now, we have my stepdaughter with her 3 very active toddlers and our oldest granddaughter AJ visiting with us. So for sightseeing, I will do something really simple. I will just show you the various palm trees in Florida, kinda educational too, I think.
But It's also time to show off some favorite things. Laurie of is hosting that event.

Since my favorites today are blue, I am linking with Sally of http://smilingsally/ for Blue Monday also.

Today, I am sharing my Russian Czar and Queen vodka decanters. I keep them in our bookcase instead of in the bar because I do not want anybody drinking the vodka from them, lol. I just love them so much that I want to preserve them. I bought them from Russia during our trip there 2 y ears ago. I also have a small Russian carriage figurine that I bought from Ebay.

Ok, now for sightseeing, let me show you the different palm trees in Florida. As you probably already know, they come in abundance there. These are not complete. I am sure there are a lot more that I do not have pictures of.

One of my favorites is the Sago palm. I planted 2 of them here in MS and I am happy to see that they come back after freezing. I love coconuts too and attempted to plant twice already but they freeze and do not come back so I gave up on that. Even in Florida, they can only be found in the southern part. That should have told me something right there!

I copied these pictures from the web.

Below is a Sabal palm.

The pictures from here on were taken by me on my trips. Let's see if you can identify them after the little lesson above.

When you re in FL, you will see palm trees everywhere. They are in the yard of private houses.

in front of gas stations.

lining the streets

by the water

in parks

adorning the yards of waterfront condos

and everywhere else.
I like them and I hope you do too.
Thanks for coming by and thanks to Laurie and Sally for hosting these 2 wonderful memes.
I am going on a trip so I am taking a bloggy break for about a week. I might be able to prepost for Tablescape Thursday but if I don't get to visit or respond to your comments, please be aware that it's because I am away. I will try to catch up when I get back.
I hope you all have a wonderful week!
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