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Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles' Big Day!

Since we just had our second Southern Miss. Belles get together yesterday, I thought I will link with Chari's Sunday Favorites at today, to reminisce what we did last year.
Tomorrow, I will be posting pictures of our get together here at home and Natchez, which was held yesterday. We all had a l ot of fun!
Thanks Chari for allowing me to repost this.
The long awaited day has finally arrived! September 25, 2009, marked the day we, Magnolia Southern Mississippians, all drove from different cities towards Flowood, very excitingly anticipating to meet each other face to face for the very first time.

And so we did!

From left to right: Katherine Ellen (, D (, yours truly (, Debra ( and our host, Lady Katherine ( It was a very hectic and long day for me. Actually it was a very busy week since I had just arrived from California a few days before and I was still trying to catch up with house chores. I wanted to bake some macaroons for the girls but ran out of time so early in the morning, I drove downtown to buy fudge at Darby's, a well known place here for delicious fudge. I am glad Vanna of suggested this. While John was making rounds in the hospital, I filled the vehicle with gas and then picked him up. On our way to Flowood, I created these individual gift bags with fudge.
There they are all done! I bought 5 flavors: vanilla pecan, chocolate pecan, chocolate peanut butter, choco-vanilla swirl and pumpkin spice. Of course I was eating some while wrapping them up, lol! Yummy!
This beautiful Fall tablescape greeted us. I couldn't believe how much work Katherine and D have done while waiting for our arrival.
Everybody in the restaurant was admiring our table and people around us kept asking Katherine for our blog addresses.
Of course, it was well worth the trip to meet all these lovely ladies.
Our cameras were very busy as you can see from Katherine Ellen's picture below. Good thing 3 of us brought hubbies along so aside from them being our chauffeurs, they functioned as photographers as well. Even John who is a quiet guy, had a good time.

Lady Katherine couldn't have picked a better place than the Corner Bakery Cafe. As we were driving there, we noticed the area to be so different from the Flowood that we frequently visit. We never knew about this part and so glad to discover it cause now, it will be on our shopping trip list.

And do you see the pretty little pumpkin bowls and teas that Katherine gave us all for gifts? Thanks, Katherine. I love them! Another good thing for me for bringing John along cause he got a gift too.:-)

This is what I had for lunch. It was delicious!

They call themselves simple man and woman but they are too sophisticated to justify that. You should see everything that Katherine brought, it was like Christmas. And the table centerpiece was awesome! She sure took so much effort for the preparation of this big event and we truly appreciate that. Thanks, Katherine!

Debra and Wallace

The happy group! We couldn't stop talking and laughing while trying to get to know each other.
more smiles and laughter
And look! I won a door price! Isn't this just the prettiest thing? I am still trying to decide where to put it.
Thank you girls, for a very memorable day for me. I hope we get to do it again someday.

I wish we had time to go check out the shopping area but we had to head back home to attend a scheduled cooking school.

Thanks, Katherine for all your hard work and for the marvelous presents. The event was definitely a BIG success!


Debra said...

Christine, what a great job on this post! Such a lovely day we all had, hope we can do it again sometime. Your camera takes great pictures!

Silvia said...

what a great post!!so nice all you ladies and gents got together, i so wish we can all meet someday...great job by Katherine and how thoughful...awesome post and all of you look just beautiful. ..

have a nice weekend..

Kat said...

How fun! I am dying to meet some more fellow bloggers. I got to meet Nancy from My Crafty Little Page last year and it was a blast! Looks like a wonderful place to have met, and everyone looks like they had a great time. Hope you get a chance to relax some coming up, you've been going like a whirlwind! Kathy

susan said...

Christine_Sounds like a great day and fun time! The husbands too??? The table does look lovely and I bet lots of other diners were jealous! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh Christine,
What a great post! How cool for you to meet more fellow bloggers, I loved the pics and the story, what fun! Well I am a bit envious but I may meet some fellow bloggers soon~ Thanks for sharing this special day! Cindy

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Looks like a lovely luncheon. How beautiful the table looks. Glad you had such a wonderful time.

Blondie's Journal said...


I can see from the pics how much fun all of you had!! Hats off to Lady Katherine for all of the pretty decorations. People: BEWARE of bloggers!! :-)

How lucky all of you are!! I would be there in a heartbeat!! And Panera is one of my all time favorites!!

Have a great trip to London, Christine!


Unknown said...

Oh what fun you all must have had. A great idea to get together for lunch. The table looks fabulous! The treats look wonderful! Lucky you!

Maggie said...

Hi Christine,
I just popped over from Nittany's blog and so enjoyed your post.
It looks like you all had a great time getting to know each other.
If you have the chance come & visit France with me.
a bientot
Maggie @Normandy Life

Regina said...

Hi Christine. Wow. Such a great moments. What an exciting day of meeting together.I'm happy for all of you. Beautiful post!
XO Regina

Anonymous said...

Oh....What fun you had!!! How wonderful fou you to get to meet so many great bloggers.

I have tried to find bloggers near me, I must be the only blogger within hours of me.

I loved your post and am on my way to visit your other blogging friends. Terry

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Christine, looks like y'all had a fabulous time! We had a little get together back around early spring in Atlanta and it was so much fun to see the faces behind the blogs! Beautiflu door prize! Linda

Sherri said...

I love meeting fellow bloggers! Some of us GA gals got together last year. It was so neat to meet the 'faces' I've read so much about online. The table is AMAZING! And your prize is beautiful, can't wait to see where you display it.

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Christine...

Girl, what a fabulous time ya'll had!!! It looks like sooo much fun...sure enjoyed all of your photos! I just love to see the photos when bloggers meet up...I don't know, just makes it all the more special...our blogging experience!!!

Wow...Katherine and D did a fabulous job of decorating your's gorgeous! I bet ya'll were the talk of the restaurant! Hehe! Love the cute little pumpkin bowls with sweet of Katherine! She is really the only one of these gals that I know...and her honey! I'll have to get aquainted with the other ladies! Girl, when I was reading about all the different kinds of fudge that you got...OMG, now I have such a craving for it! Hehe! What a lovely gift to take...I know they enjoyed it!!!

Well Darlin' sweet to get a note from you! So happy that you stopped by!!! I seem to be getting busier and busier these days...or just slower and slower! I can't seem to keep up! Hehe! Hope that ya'll are having a wonderful weekend!!!

Love ya,

lvroftiques said...

Christine you super woman you!! Your fudge looked sooo delish!! I am green with envy for ya'll! Wish I could've been there! And the table decorations were so beautiful! Talk about above and beyond!Thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us! Vanna

Tomarie said...

What a wonderful event! The decorations, restaurant, fellow bloggers, and happy hubbies I KNOW made for a great day!! :-) I am so happy for all of you that you got to meet each other! Your fudge gifts looked yummy and pretty...and you looked stunning Cx!! I love the blouse you're wearing!
So happy for all of you!
Love ya! L~

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh Christine, thanks so much for telling me. I am so glad I didn't miss this. It looks like so much fun. I am so glad you all got together. The table really is just gorgeous, and what wonderful gifts. I love it. Hugs, Marty

Cindy J. said...

Oh Christine, I wish I was there.. you guys had so much fun and your fudge gifts looked so yummy! The centerpieces and decorations are so beautiful, what a special day. And you dear Christine, as usual looked so beautiful. Loved the pool shots of you and John too. Love, Cindy

Donna said...

Hi, Christine!
Great post! The pics turned out great!


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

What a beautiful group of bloggers, and what a beautiful table Lady K made for y'all! I know it was so much fun. Congratulations on winning the lovely candle holder. I see a future candlelit tablescape. laurie

Lady Katherine said...

Oh, Christine! You did get some wonderful pictures! Thank you for being so sweet, Hubby and I loved your post! We had so much fun! Can't wait until I'm over surgery and back on my feet, we will all have to get together again! I loved the vanilla pecan fudge! I was going to ask for the recipe! Now I have to come to Natchez for fudge and see you! lol It was awesome! Hubby has eaten three bag full! Fudge is his favorite! Always! Now I have to go work on my post! lol

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Wow! What a wonderful day! How great that is to be able to meet blogger friends in person!

Lady Katherine did a great job hosting that and it looks like everyone pitched in to make it a great memory of friendship and fun!

Blessings & aloha!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post! Wanted to share to you ...those fudge was delicious! I was going to ask for the I have to come with my friend who is from Natchez and she live here...Sometime to go home to visit her parents....I enjoyed this day ..meeting each one of ya'll...We have to do this again as soon as Katherine get welll...Thanks for the fudge..Love it! Katherinellen

Christie Hines said...

This is such a great post...How amazing and wonderful that you got to meet so many of your blogger friends! I bet that was so exciting and fun!
It looks like you all had a great time! The fudge and other goodies look delish!

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh Christine, I LOVE it when Cyberspace and Terra Firma collide in this manner!

Orlando Rubio said...

Beautiful pictures that you have. I have nothing to say just past by.

Dolores said...

Oh Christine, what a neat post!!! Friends meeting can't get much better than that. I love all your pictures!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Girlfriend...

Christine, I remember this post so well! I was just soooo excited for all of you sweet gals to get to meet up! What fun it must have been!!! I'm so glad that you shared this lovely post with us this week for Sunday Favorites...what a treat!!! I will be heading over to see today's post about your most recent meeting! Thanks so much for joining in with Sunday Favorites!!!

I do apologize at being so late to get by for a visit! Girl, I am trying to play catch up with everything since Russell has been home! Hehe!

Love ya,

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Girlfriend...

Christine, I remember this post so well! I was just soooo excited for all of you sweet gals to get to meet up! What fun it must have been!!! I'm so glad that you shared this lovely post with us this week for Sunday Favorites...what a treat!!! I will be heading over to see today's post about your most recent meeting! Thanks so much for joining in with Sunday Favorites!!!

I do apologize at being so late to get by for a visit! Girl, I am trying to play catch up with everything since Russell has been home! Hehe!

Love ya,

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