Friday, January 10, 2014

My Twin Granddaughters, Rea and Halle Turn 2 Today!

Two years ago, my daughter gave birth to precious twins. I cannot believe how time flies when just about 3 years ago, Rochelle had only 1 daughter who was 13 at the time. She wondered why she could not give AJ a brother or sister so she consulted a specialist who found the problem. I sent her here and asked a good friend of mine, Mrs. Kumi, to ask her gynecologist husband if he could take care of it and did he ever take care of that? LOL!  2 months later, she was pregnant with twins.
You can imagine our thrill when we all found out. They sure made up for lost time.
Halle and Rea below. Rea is 2 min. older. It is so funny that when it was turn for Halle to come out, the anesthesiologist said, she extended her 2 arms up and practically pulled herself out thinking "let me outta here!" He said they have never seen that before, lol. Well, I don't blame here, after being cooped up with her sister in a tight and dark place, I might have done that too if I were her. They were both full sized when they came out, over 12 lbs total.

 Such darling babies! I had a greatest time playing with them and my camera, lol.

Big sister AJ was thrilled. She said they were the best things that ever happened to her. You will notice a baby in the center. That is my other granddaughter, Reese, Tina's baby who was born 15 days sooner, so we call them our triplets. I had to divide myself between 2 Florida cities, 2 and a half hour drive apart,  to take care and enjoy all of them.
 Isn't this a precious picture? I always had a baby while letting the parents rest and AJ would take care of the other but if she heard even just a slightest moan from the other baby, AJ would run from her bedroom and get the 2nd one too. So sweet!
 Cute little feet. They were already addicted to shoes at an early age.
 The day before I was scheduled to fly home, I played with them and put them in my luggage. If I could only take them home with me but their mama wouldn't let me.
 They grew up so fast and so full of delight.
 With their great grandma.
.... and their other great grandma! Arent they lucky to still have 2 great grandmas who are still alive? Oh, actually, they still have 3. Their dad's grandma is still alive too though I have no picture. Lucky babies!
 The triplets! From L to R: Halle, Reese, Rea
 on their first birthday.
 I, with my 2 daughters and 4 granddaughters.
 This is my favorite picture. Would have been better if AJ was there too but Tina can take her place. She looks just as young, even smaller, lol.
 The triplets playing together with cleaning stuff when we celebrated Christmas a few weeks ago.
 They sure multiplied fast. The twins already have a baby sister, Myla.

 I had to say goodbye to them again when I visited last month for Christmas. This was taken at the airport. I miss them so much and it is very hard to be apart from them so I already booked my next trip to FL. I'll see you soon, my sweet babies. I love you very much. Happy Birthday and may you grow up safe and always happy.
Thanks for your visits. I hope you enjoy another story of my family.
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Debby@Just Breathe said...

Two years can't be!
They are adorable and you are so blessed.


Well, that's why I said in your other post how they have grown! Happy birthday to the beautiful Little ones. I don't blame you for missing them and having a great time together. God bless your g'children and all of you.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

So cute! Hard to believe it has been 2 yrs.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Christine, they are all adorable and AJ is such a beautiful young lady too. Hugs, marty

Debbie said...

I remember when they were born! I can't believe it has been two years.
They are just so beautiful, have been since they were newborns.

Happy Birthday to them!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

They are truly precious, Christine. You are very blessed!

Happy Birthday to them and many mo Happy years to come!



Sarah said...

Christine, you have a beautiful family. How sweet it must be to have all those little ones in your life. Amazing how quickly time flies. Enjoy these years.

Marigene said...

It is hard to believe they are 2 years old, already! They are adorable, Christine.

Lady Katherine said...

Christine, this was the sweetest post! I remember some of the photos. I happy you explained which children belong to each Mother. How your family has grown! They are all so lovely, AJ must be loving having sisters. You are very blessed.

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Loved this post Christine!! Time sure does fly...I remember you posting about their birth and look they're TWO already!! You have a beautiful family...AJ is such a beautiful young lady!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the Twins!

My Mom had twins, and six months prior to them being born had adopted my sister. Crazy times.

Christine Graves said...

Awww Happy birthday darlings, you are sooo cute! I can't wait til my kids give me grandbabies..

Lady Linda said...

You are so blessed, so very blessed. Thanks for sharing your precious family with us.
I am finally a grandmother and I absolutely love it.

Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above said...

They're so cute.

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