Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sun. Fave: Oh yes, I have 2 of them!

I decided to repost this since my grandson just turned 2 and I added a video above to share. My daughter created it to show at his birthday party.

So, here is the beginning of the repost. Thanks to Chari for making it possible, Please visit Chari at and take a look at all the wonderful reruns.

I was too busy doing our income taxes yesterday so I wasn't able to put together photos for Met and Blue Monday and I have missed you all. I am glad that's behind me now and hubby is very happy with the outcome. And I am too.....more shopping money...LOL! Hey! I am a good citizen and I just want to help boost up the economy!

I have shown you lots of travel pictures with my granddaughter AJ, who is my older daughter's daughter. Now, let me introduce my youngest daughter's son, Brendan. He is too little to travel with us and I don't think her mom will let him go yet. I wonder if she will ever let him go! Well, he did travel with us when he was still in his mama's tummy at 5 months.

He is only a few minutes old here, after he gave his mama and the obstetrician a tough time. And can you see who is so happy to see and hold him?
At his baptism. He was wearing the same baptismal outfit that his dad wore. It's hard to believe that Scott was ever that tiny.
This is when they visited us here. Aren't they funny together? My daughter is so petite and my SIL is so tall but they are meant for each other for sure, have been classmates since elementary school, graduated HS together, went to College separately, broke up and got back together again. Of course I had to show them the creek. In fact I got to babysit the next day (Yipee!) while the couple went down the creek, crossed it to go to the Indian mounds 3/4 of a mile through the woods.
Hey! There's Calvin with Brendan who is starting to grow some hair and getting chubby too. I love this outfit. He wore it on Valentine's Day! Brendan is always a happy baby.
First time at the beach and he instantly fell in love with the water!Well, he is USUALLY a happy baby except when he is unable to lift a heavy pumpkin. LOL! And sad to say, he isn't happy either when I try to carry him. He does not see me often enough but that will change soon.
See what I mean? Here, his mama is getting him dressed for her sister's wedding.
After the wedding, Tina and Scott went on a skiing trip and I was asked to stay in Florida for a week to watch him. YES! Now, is my chance to get him closer to me. AJ wanted me to buy her a book so we went to Books A Million and of course the cousins head straight for the toys.

We had a great time. And he even learned how to call me. His mom and dad were so amazed at how many words he learned to say in a week.
There's my little rock American Idol in the making! LOL!
Please play and watch the video. He is so funny!

Thanks for stopping by. I am glad I got to share some pictures of my other favorite. Oooops, I better not let AJ read this or she gets jealous. LOL! AJ, I said "other", the other one is you!
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