Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Plants to Share

I have been busy once again in the yard. Good thing Susan of http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/ is hosting Outdoor Wednesday so I can share what I am accomplishing. Be sure to visit Susan and all her participants and see all the amazing outdoor pictures.
I just want to show you what's on our deck a little closer. Here's a coconut tree I bought from Walmart. I know I will have to take it indoor when it gets cold because it is tropical.
Here are some kind of orchids. I think I will have to take these indoors too in the winter. I might need a green house pretty soon, lol, if I run out of space inside the house to keep all these plants.These orchids and the baby mermaid and small cherub are sitting on our fountain.
John and I went to an estate sale yesterday and bought these 2 cast iron urns. I have been looking for some but they are too expensive in stores and most of the urns that I see aren't even cast iron. I want heavy ones that won't fall when the wind blows hard. Strange but the smaller one is heavier than the taller one.
I transplanted my topiary into the bigger urn. I do not have anything to put in the smaller one yet so I am still shopping around.
I think the topiary is perfect there, don't you think?
I had to show you my 2 pineapple plants. I bought the small one, I believe from Walmart about 2 years ago. It has not grown much but it has a little baby that is starting to grow.
I planted the big one from a fruit that I bought from the grocery. I cut off the top about 1 inch lower and just stuck it in dirt. Then I went to FL. When I got back, I was so surprised to see it this big. We bought a pair of these pedestals from a garden shop in Baton Rouge where we bought the gazebo from. They are really solid and very heavy. I can't move them.
I just love all the details. Luckily, when I showed them to John, he liked them too.
Here is the other one. They are very identical.

This is my next project. Any good ideas of what type of plants I should put in here? It looks pretty bare in spite of me planting all the time. Everytime I buy plants and I plant them here,
they seem to disappear. They are never enough. Maybe I need fuller ones but I do not want any where snakes can hide underneath. Any suggestions? Thanks Susan for hosting another outdoor event. And thank you all for coming by. I always enjoy the company.

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