Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Never Ends: After Pool Project Comes the Yard

You must be getting tired of me talking about our pool, lol! Sorry, I am just excited! Anyway, it is finally done and I just want to show you the complete product.
And what better time to show it than Outdoor Wednesday, an event hosted by Susan of http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/.
But as you know, when they dug out the backyard for the pool, they made a big mess of the yard. So now, we have to do a lot of work on the yard. Do you remember when I showed you the arbor a long time ago? We just planted the jasmines then. Now they are almost meeting on top. We had to put new sod around the stepping stones.
Here is the gazebo view from the arbor. Doesn't the arbor look bigger than the gazebo? It really is not.....it's just a matter of perspective.

We hang plants and bird houses.
and laid sod around too.

Do you see that round deck on the left side of the gazebo? It is a wet deck but the water is turned off in this picture,
Now, the water is on. It can be turned up higher or lower.
We had 5 kids visiting (4 of them left today) with 6 adults (only 1 more left) and the kids really enjoyed playing on the wet deck.

There is the pool. It's finally done!

Even the jets in the turbo seat are working. My sister who was among our visitors from Chicago, loved sitting here. She said it really helped her shoulder pains.
There is my sister swimming at night. Isn't the sunset pretty?
Thanks for stopping by. Sorry I haven't visited much. I was busy cooking, washing the dishes and laundry, cleaning and taking the guests out sightseeing. We had 11 of them for almost a week. I promise I will visit soon!
Thanks Susan, for taking the time to host this fun event.


mbkatc230 said...

Christine, I bet you'll be having a lot more visitors with this gorgeous back yard. It's better than a resort! I can't believe how fast your jasmine is climbing, this all looks so lovely. I'm sure AJ just loves this! Kathy

imjacobsmom said...

Christine, your water deck is really neat. I never knew that you could have one installed in your own yard. I am sure the kids really love it! Your backyard is so nice that I would never leave it. ~ Robyn

SILVIA said...

hi christine..
the pool and yard loks amazing, great job with all the plants and flowers..love it all, enjoy my friend!you deserve it..be back soon..xx

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

OK Christine,
When can I come visit? That is so lovely and what a amazing gazebo and sitting area you have created. I love the seating areas, the slide, well all of it. Hugs, Cindy

salmagundi said...

So many visitors! But, I bet they enjoyed your yard and pool. It looks like a 5-star resort. Rest now and enjoy it yourself. Sally

Regina said...

Looks great. Wonderful home. A place to unwind.

Lisa Shatzer said...

I love your stepping stones!

Amy said...

Lovely! Relaxing!

marty39 said...

Christine, I LOVE your pool and the yard. I have never seen a wet deck. What a fun thing to have. The kids looked like they were having a wonderful time. Everything has turned out so pretty, such a great yard and pool area. Love it all. Hugs, Marty

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of people to cook for! LOL Oh but what fun it must have been to have everybody visit :-) Especially since they live far from you?

Don't forget to rest and relax!


Sares said...

You must be exhausted! You're going to need a vacation now. Or you could just stay home in your beautiful yard and pretend to be at some fancy resort!

prof en retraite said...

Oh Christine! This is sooo pretty! No wonder you had so much company! lol I love the idea of the wet deck...never heard of one before! I cannot believe how much energy you have! Now you get in there and enjoy the turbo jets and slide down the slide again for me!! Wheeee!! lol Enjoy!...hugs...Debbie

SmilingSally said...

No wonder you've got guest! What a great place to visit! LOL Seriously, I imagine that you never want to leave your backyard.

Hootin' Anni said...

Great landscaping...and beautiful pool.

My Outdoor Wednesday is photos of surfers/the Gulf Waters...come on over test the water temperatures!! I'd love to have your company today.

Riet said...

Beautiful pictures. Have a nice day, Riet

storyteller at Small Reflections said...

What a LOVELY view from your pool at sunset and a marvelous yard. Methinks I'd spend LOTS of time outside ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Mary said...

It was certainly worth waiting for. Those two gleeful little girls are proof the effort was successful. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Becky K. said...

I love the stone walkway.

You must be so very busy.

Enjoy the rest of this week.

becky k.
Hospitality Lane

Just Breathe said...

It all looks like Heaven to me!

Puna said...

What a beautiful pool you have! I think I need to weed around mine.

Kathysue said...

Hi C, sorry I have been MIA for awhile, long story. I have to tell you this pool and backyard you have done is wonderful and totally set up for family and friends. I love the play deck idea, I have not seen that in someones backyard only at parks, but your backyard does look like a wonderful park. Great Job, Enjoy, Hugs Kathysue

Libby Murphy said...

It's all so lovley and I know you enjoyed sharing it with your guests. Maybe it's time for you to let those jets massage your back a bit.
Happy Twirls

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Oh! Everything looks gorgeous! I'd love to be a guest :o)

and that wet deck is definitely fun!

Blessings & aloha!

Tomarie said...

Cx...you know I've been knee deep in kiddos...so I came here just to get an update on your pool! It all looks so beautiful!! I just can't get over how much work you've put into your gardens! I am so amazed at how fast you worked!
I'm glad you showed the pics of your wet deck! I didn't even know what one was! Lol
It all looks stunning...and just beautiful Cx!! Love ya! L~

nenette said...

Hi Christine,
OMG, what a lovely house and garden. Your yard is so beautiful and those flowers are just lovely. Bet you have quite a bit of butterflies/dragonflies and hummingbirds that hover around your yard. I used to have a big swimming pool in our old house. Move over Martha Stewart!

Blondie's Journal said...


I can't say enough times how much I love what you and John have done with your backyard. This took a lot of planning. Are you sure you are not an architect or landscaper??!!

The arbor and gazebo are lovely, I can just imagine how lush everything will look in a year or two. And the last picture of the pool and sunset makes all that work seem worthwhile, doesn't it?? Just beautiful!!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, it's so pretty, Christine! I'm so happy for you. It's wonderful.


Sheila :-)

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