Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Never Ends: After Pool Project Comes the Yard

You must be getting tired of me talking about our pool, lol! Sorry, I am just excited! Anyway, it is finally done and I just want to show you the complete product.
And what better time to show it than Outdoor Wednesday, an event hosted by Susan of http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/.
But as you know, when they dug out the backyard for the pool, they made a big mess of the yard. So now, we have to do a lot of work on the yard. Do you remember when I showed you the arbor a long time ago? We just planted the jasmines then. Now they are almost meeting on top. We had to put new sod around the stepping stones.
Here is the gazebo view from the arbor. Doesn't the arbor look bigger than the gazebo? It really is not.....it's just a matter of perspective.

We hang plants and bird houses.
and laid sod around too.

Do you see that round deck on the left side of the gazebo? It is a wet deck but the water is turned off in this picture,
Now, the water is on. It can be turned up higher or lower.
We had 5 kids visiting (4 of them left today) with 6 adults (only 1 more left) and the kids really enjoyed playing on the wet deck.

There is the pool. It's finally done!

Even the jets in the turbo seat are working. My sister who was among our visitors from Chicago, loved sitting here. She said it really helped her shoulder pains.
There is my sister swimming at night. Isn't the sunset pretty?
Thanks for stopping by. Sorry I haven't visited much. I was busy cooking, washing the dishes and laundry, cleaning and taking the guests out sightseeing. We had 11 of them for almost a week. I promise I will visit soon!
Thanks Susan, for taking the time to host this fun event.

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