Friday, August 21, 2009

Pink Flowers and Longwood Tour

Saturday is a double post day for me. First is Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly of I host Sightseeing Sat. and I invite anyone interested to join. You can post any travel or scenery pictures. I will have Mr. Linky at the bottom and you can enter your permalink there.

I went around the deck taking pictures of all the pink flowers that we have and this mandevalia is the first one. We have 3 colors growing, white, yellow and of course, this pink one. Actually we have 2 pink ones, the other one is below.
I just love how it climbs the trellis.
and this is some kind of an Asian orchid, I believe.
This is an artificial rose but I just love it because it looks so real.
This is the other mandevalia I mentioned above.
I hope you enjoyed seeing our pink flowers. Thanks to Beverly for giving us an opportunity to show them off.

An now for Sightseeing Sat, I would like to show you one of the more interesting antebellum houses here in town.
As you know, we had guests from Chicago last week and I took them here.
This is the view as we drove in.
This is the front of the house. It is octagonal in shape.
and this is the back
What is so interesting about this house is that the owner never finished building it because of the civil war. The family occupied the basement because that was the only finished portion. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pictures there or I would have shown you the furniture which are mostly original to the house.
This was supposed to be the main floor and there would have been a 4 seasons statue placed in each niche.
If you look up, this is what you will see.
It was supposed to have 6 stories. Some of the old stuff found in the house, these are an old luggage and trunk.
the basin that they used for baths
Packing crates since they mostly ordered furniture from out of the state and country. Mr. Nutt and his wife Julia built the house but never finished it. Mr. Nutt died right after the basement was done so Julia lived there with the children. They had 11 children though not everyone lived to adulthood.
Here I am with my classmate from HS who visited me after 43 years of us not seeing each other.
balcony. I love the tall Corinthian columns.
front entryLook up!
An Austin guy donated the house to the Natchez Garden Club with the provision that it should never be finished, to preserve history.
The carriage house
My niece Stephanie and her friend, Elvira.
The Out House. Gloria, this is for you!
Close up of the out house.
I hope you enjoyed this tour. I wish I could have shown you the finished part with all the furniture but unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pictures. Sorry!
If you want to participate, please enter your name and your permalink. Thanks.

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