Sunday, August 2, 2009

Some Blues in Packages and Pool Update

It's Blue Monday and our ever smiling Sally is busy hosting it again so be sure you visit her and the other participants at Thanks, Sally for taking the time to put this meme all together.
Do you remember the many packages that greeted me in the kitchen and foyer when we got home from Florida yesterday? Many of you were wondering what were in the packages. so I am showing you some of the blue ones.
Yep! I was serious when I said I decided to collect Polish pottery and here are some of the ones I got. Yes, they were in the packages. It took me until 6 AM to open all the packages. LOL! John challenged me that I would not be able to finish opening them before going to bed and since I don't like losing a challenge, I stayed up all night. I love the coffee or tea server with a warmer and also love the soup tureen. Well actually, I love them all that's why I bought them.
A smaller tea pot and egg cups.
Aren't these cute? I think they are condiment servers.
sugar and creamer
It's also time for Met Monday, graciously hosted by Susan of Please visit her and her other participants and you will be in for a treat.
I have long waited for this time to show you our pool on Met Monday. The wet deck is not done yet but the pool itself looks complete.

This is when the planning and measuring started.
The digging
adding the sun ledge, turbo seat and Roman steps and the wall
The water was added while we were vacationing in the Caribbean and the pool guy emailed us this picture.
When I left for Florida 2 weeks ago, half of the deck was finished.
And this was what we saw yesterday when we returned. AJ went straight to the backyard to see the pool, went in the house, changed into her bathing suit and stayed there all afternoon. She really had a great time! John watched her while I was opening packages.
This was yesterday. John did the best he could to place the furniture on the deck.
the turbo slide and 3 water fountains.
I have been busy all day, moving plants from the front yard and rearranging the furniture and this is how it looks for now. I am not done moving plants yet. Those plants are heavy and they're
giving me a hip and back ache.

I just took a picture tonight to show you the pool lights. They are so cool, they change into different colors.

I hope you enjoy seeing how our pool metamorphosed.
I am not done accessorizing it yet and but I am happy with how it already looks. Hope you like it too. I still have to go grocery shopping because John invited some people for lunch tomorrow for a pool party. I guess I don't get to rest yet.
Thanks, Sally and Susan for these 2 fun memes and thank you everyone for coming by.


Suesue said...

Hey Christine! I love your pool!!! So gorgeous, you lucky thing you. I hope you and yours have many happy hours there.
Take care friend.

Lauren said...

It came out amazing! I wish I could go for a dip, lucky little AJ!!!

Sares said...

Sorry Christine, the above comment from Lauren, is actually from me. I was signed into my nieces blog and forgot to switch over to mine before I started commenting. Silly of me right! She would love that pool too. She's in the middle of swim lessons and loving it!

downhomeliving said...

Wow that is gorgeous my granddaughter would love that slide. Is it made out of concrete the slide I mean?



mythoughtsmyvoice said...

That's a lot of packages for you to stay up til early morning! :-) Oh but how excited you must have been. kinda like a kid on Christmas opening all her presents LOL

They are beautiful - what a way to start a collection.

I see the pool is already finished.

Happy Blue Monday!


Gee said...

Love your blue pottery. Those are beautiful especially teapot. Thanks for sharing.

Candy said...

WOW! What a fun time unpacking and seeing them anew. You have a great eye for great pottery. Each pic I said oh that's my favorite, then the next pic, oh that's my favorite. They are all just fabulous.
And the pool, over the top! I'm with AJ, in the pool all afternoon. What fun you must be having decorating and when you get hot just jump in and cool off and rest your poor back. Don't work too hard and enjoy the first of many pool parties!!!

Regina said...

Gorgeous place!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Christine, now that is one incredible transformation! Your backyard is fabulous! Love the pool and the patio is lovely!

Thanks for sharing!


Kammy said...

I love your new pool ! When is the swim party ???? I wanna come over !!!!

SmilingSally said...

You sure know how to shop. I'll bet it was like Christmas opening all of those boxes of beautiful blues. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

I love that pool!

Carrie said...

love the blue dishes!!

Your new pool is beautiful. What a wonderful place to entertain and spend time with family.

Knitty said...

If I stop by, might I have a cup of coffee in a Polish mug while sitting on your new deck and enjoying the view of the pool?

It is all fantastic!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Christine, love your pottery and your pool..........gorgeous!

Come over and enter my giveaway...if you haven't already. Love to have you!

Happy Blue Monday.


Becky K. said...

So much to love.

That pottery is amazing! I can see why you just had to keep opening the boxes.

Then there is your gorgeous pool.
It must be very rewarding to see it completed.

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

susan said...

I was wondering about those boxes! You need my family to teach you how to open boxes FAST--we get through Christmas morning in about 15 minutes :) Your pool is so gorgeous--now you can vacation at home!

Michelle said...

Love the shape of your new pool. It looks perfect in the space and I know you're enjoying it. How fun!

lvroftiques said...

OMG!! Christine your backyard is an oasis!! I'm with AJ. The first thing I'd do is hit that water slide! It all looks amazing!! And of course you will be entertaining poolside all the time now! So ahem invitation???? *winks* Yep I'm subtle lol! I think you could put that darling french couple almost anywhere back here. I'd love to see where they end up. Love Vanna

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

The pool looks great! Well, worth the wait :o)

And Oh my goodness! haha love your polish pottery purchases! This is such a funny coincidence, cuz my last 2 posts before tonight's blog hop are about...
polish pottery!

When you left you comment about liking the salt & pepper shakers, I had no idea that you really, really like the salt & pepper shakers haha

If you got a chance to read on my post about how I got started with collecting them, let me know. I try to limit myself and pick up a piece every now and then... that is why I really like them so much, they work well mixed together.

Oooh, like I commented in your previous post, this must have ben like opening up gifts on Christmas :o)

Just Breathe said...

The pool looks absolutely beautiful. Enjoy!

I collect Polish Pottery, it's my favorite.

Queenie said...

Hey Christine,
The pool is gorgeous and so is all of the furniture out all are going to love your new spot to relax!
Big Hugs,

Deanna said...

What a lovely addition you have added to your yard!
I use to live in Houston and I would have loved a pool in the south. The humidity was challenging.
So glad you've shared on Met Monday.
I enjoy seeing all the neat things.
I posted for the first time this week.
Blessings to you from Kansas,

Terry said...

Howdy Christine
Oh my goodness so many packages but you did it :)
Happy Blue Monday and what an awesome MET Monday post.
Simply amazing .Dazzling photos.
Thank you for sharing all the fabulous photos today .
I could not stop looking .
Blessings to you and yours as you enjoy your new pool.
May you have many happy moments to share with us here in blogland .
Take care.
You must be so tired.
Blessings with hugs
Happy Trails

Brenda said...

What a beautiful woodland setting in which to have that pool! You will so enjoy that for many summers to come!

Tomarie said...

Oh Cx! This is FABULOUS..GORGEOUS...BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the way you've decorated it! I've turned 4 shades of green looking at it! Lol Enjoy! The wait was worth it!! Love ya! L~

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Christine, I love your new china. You make me want to start collecting that, and we both know I already have too much china! Your pool looks stunning! Love the action shot of AJ coming down the slide. And oh, that night time view is gorgeous! I cannot believe you were just got in from a trip; stayed up until 6:00 a.m., and John invited people to come for lunch tomorrow! Are you going to use your new china? Have fun! laurie

♥Itajeff♥ @Something To Share said...

Absolutely wonderful and beautiful blues...
Happy Blue Monday and have a nice day

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Your pool metamorphasis looks great~ well done. I adore Polish Pottery.

Have a blessed day!

A Hint of Home said...

What an amazing pool and lovely backyard resort. Turned out wonderful.

Linda said...

The pottery is beautiful, but the pool - WOW! Love it! It's a vacation in itself! Linda

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Christine, your pottery is wonderful. I'm not surprised you stayed up to get it all put Your pool is absolutely beautiful.. so resort like... I'm on my way to join in on the fun of going down the water slide...move over AJ...hugs ~lynne~

Justine said...

Wooooooooooo hoooooooooooo! Christine, the pool looks FABULOUS! AJ must have had a blast on that slide. Love everything you've done back there so far.

Justine :o )

ann said...

oh girl,the dishes are wonderful.don't they match your patio chairs too?
and that back yard is looks like it has been there forever.does it seem that way yet?you are one lucky little lady.i am so happy for you.enjoy it for years to come my dear...ann

Rue said...

Hi Christine :)

I'm sorry you had such an awful trip, but at least you got to come home to all the beautiful pottery and your wonderful pool! It's looks fantastic :)


salmagundi said...

The pottery is wonderful; and the pool is even more luscious!! Too bad about your horrible trip home - hard to believe it took that long to get that far. Thanks for taking me places I'll never visit. Sally

Allidink said...

Wow nice! I want a pool in my backyard when I have my own house someday! Love pools lol. Yours is awesome! Love the Polish stoneware too!

All the best,

marty39 said...

Christine, I love all of your new pottery. The designs are just gorgeous and such beautiful pieces. The pool turned out sensational. It is really wonderful. I really like the huge deck and all the furniture that it holds. What a great pool. I know you are enjoying it. Hugs, Marty

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