Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First Pool Party and More Landscaping

I have been so busy that I fell a day behind in days. I thought it was only Tuesday today so I published a post for a Tues. meme late last night. LOL! Then I saw Outdoor Wed. posts today and checked the date. Anyway, Susan of hosts OW every Wed. and I am truly grateful for that so please visit her blog and other participants". You'll be glad you did.
Part of why I have been so busy was I was traveling last weekend and then had to prepare for a luncheon pool party Monday. John invited some parents with kids and if the parents were working, to send the kids with their babysitters and that is what happened. AJ is vacationing here until before her school starts on the 24th and he wanted her to be able to play with some kids. Of course, parties are followed by lots of cleaning afterwards. We had 12 kids altogether and here are some of them.
They had a lot of fun.
AJ looks like she is resting on the sun ledge,

I moved some of the potted plants from the front porch and I am not done yet.
See the big clock on the wall? We bought it from Walmart and we hang it there so John can watch the time when he comes home to swim at noon and have to go back to work.

The little fountain is back working.
The big fountain is back working too.
Turbo seat
Our house is situated on a hill so you can see our neighbors down below. We are in a corner and only have 1 neighbor behind, right at the very corner of the yard and they are so low so we really do have a lot of privacy by the pool which is so nice. Most of the yard is backed by a deep creek.
This area where the table sits is where we are going to add a jacuzzi. Do you see our 2 raised veggie garden. With the added dirt and deck, they are not that raised anymore, at least from this side.
grape you spot the little grapes?

The pool guys are still working on the wet deck. The cement was poured yesterday.
Remember our arbor that I showed a long time ago? The jazmines are climbing and almost meeting in the center. I bought a narrow and tall iron table to go in b/w the bench seats. Can you enlarge the pic and advice me if I should leave it as is or paint it black? I took out the seat cushions cause the guys are working around there and I don't want them to get muddy.
Do you see me at the bottom on the right side working in the garden? Right behind me where the dirt that was dug out for the pool was placed, is where the gazebo is going. They finally leveled it off yesterday so now I can call for its delivery.
This is the terraced garden that I am working on. I have to start all over again b/c most of it was messed up when they were building the pool. Half of the plants died, some buried under dirt and cement.
I added these steps yesterday so I can easily go down
the slope. Now, we have to add sod around them. I just love and really enjoy the view from my office now.
Thanks Susan, for another outdoor Wed. fun and thank you all for coming. I hope you enjoyed the visit!

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