Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Charm Bracelets

I am posting a double decker today. Actually, my post just have a single subject but it qualifies for both. Three or More Tuesday is hosted by Tam at http://www.thegypsyscorner.com/. Second Time Around Tuesday is hosted by Diane at http://diane1876.blogspot.com/. Please visit these 2 gracious ladies' sites and everyone on their lists of participants to see some amazing items.

A week or 2 ago, Sally of http://sallyssalmagundi.blogspot.com/ posted her charm bracelets. When I mentioned that I also collect charms for my bracelets, Sally commented that she would like to see them. So Sally, here they are!

This particular one was my sister's, which qualifies it for "Second Time Around". She gave one to me and one to my other sister when we all traveled together to Scandinavian countries.
She is a traveler just like me and seems like I have traveled to most of the places where she bought the charms from.
Here are my collection. Do you think I like charm bracelets? LOL! I have 2 silver ones, 3 gold and one with a silver chain but has silver, bronze and copper coins. You will see that one of the gold bracelets also have small coins. I like coin jewelry too.
Most of the charms hanging on these bracelet are from places I have visited in US. Some are of personal interests.
I started with one chain link bracelet but it was getting too heavy and full with the charms so I bought another one. The charms on this one are mostly from other countries that I have visited.
Here you will see the tower of Pisa, Las Vegas, Lourdes, France, St. Thomas, Cozumel and St. Maarten (Martin).
Cayman Islands, Costa Maya, Cozumel and Cancun....hey! They all start with a "C"!
I like that slipper. It's from Istambul, Turkey. How about a microscope? I am a Medical Technologist by profession and we are often represented by a microscope. I also like the one from Jamaica, which is right next to it.

Hubby worked in New Mexico and his address was Route 66 and that's where I got these charms, also the Kokopelli.
Do you see the "Shopping" charm? My friend from FL gave it to me. I think she knows me very well, lol! Also here are charms from the Alamo, San Antonio, TX, Liberty Bell from Philadelphia and from my home state, the Miss. River. Of course, I use the telephone and laptop a lot.
It is harder to find gold than silver charms so my gold bracelet is not as full as the silver ones.

Hawaiian hula dancer, Bahamas, Maui, Mexican sombrero
A silver bracelet with coins from different countries. The smallest copper one is a Philippine centavo.
a close up
More gold charm bracelets
I bought these 2 charms (New Orleans and Rhodes) but I just connected them today. I wanted to share with you these split rings. I was so happy to discover them. I used to spend a lot of money going to a jeweler to add the charms to the bracelet. But since I discovered split rings, I have been doing it myself. They are rings just like what you find in keychains, just a lot tinier.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my collection. Thanks for coming by and thanks Tam and Diane for taking the time to host these fun events.


SmilingSally said...

Oh yes, Christine, I think that you DO like charm bracelets! LOL

You have a beautiful oollection! Thank your for sharing it. I hope you have a Happy Day.

salmagundi said...

I had so much fun enlarging the pictures and checking all of your wonderful charms. Were you at the twin towers before 9-11? So many memories attached to your bracelet, I'm sure. Thanks for posting about them. It really has renewed my interest - I think I will start checking for charms on my antique store rounds. Maybe I can find some for places I have been and didn't buy. Sally

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

You are an avid collector! When you say you collect, you really do collect :o)

Both my girls have a silver charm bracelets full of charms. I have my mom's old silver charm bracelet and a gold one (but just started that one, so not many charms on them at all)

When did you start traveling? I would love to do some fun traveling. Like I've mentioned in the past, I grew up in a military family and married military, so I have been to other places, But it would be fun to take some trips with my hubby, just for fun, getaway trips.

I like the rings that you sort of have to "coil" around...I have lost a charm or two with the split ring, splitting.

Oh also, I love your coin charms! How did you get them? Were loops welded on the coins or did you get them done?

Better get going! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving comments! I look forward to seeing them :o)

Just Breathe said...

They are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. I think I need to start doing that. I have always loved charm bracelets.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Yes, I think you definitely like charm bracelets. What a great collection! They are such nice reminders of where you've been and things you've done. I enjoyed seeing them. laurie

Sarah said...

Wow! So many wonderful charms to reflect all your travels. I know you have fun wearing these!

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