Thursday, August 27, 2009

Youngest Daughter's Bridal Shower Some Years Ago

Kelly over at is hosting "Show Us Wedding Shower Ideas". Please visit Kelly to see more bridal shower ideas. This occasion was before my blogging days so I did not take a lot of pictures about extra stuff like the food on the table. I took mosly pictures of guests and you will only see the table in the background.Below are the party favors. I thought I took pictures when I was making them but I cannot find one anywhere so I just cropped this from a bigger picture with people. Here are the party favors.
My older daughter and I made them using printed card paper and she printed the labels. We put Lindt chocolate truffles in them.

Introducing the celebrant, the bride to be! Can you tell that the wedding color would be dusty pink, champagne and chocolate brown?

Me, my 2 daughters and the celebrant's best friend.
The whole group taken after we played lots of games. It was lots of fun!

The bride to be with her grandma. Do you think she is old enough to get married? LOL!

Aaah! The table and food are peeking from the background.

Chow time!

Opening of presents. I think she likes my present, although so far, I have been the only one who have used it, that is, when I visited her and she asked me to sew her some curtains for her dining room.

Bride to be with her bow hat.

Me and my baby!

Hope you enjoyed my youngest daughter's bridal shower. Thanks for visiting! And thanks, Kelly, for sponsoring this event.

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