Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blue daze "Evolvulus" Hanging on Gazebo

One more week just went by and another cycle of blogging is starting. Blue Monday is hosted by Sally at Metamorphosis Monday is hosted by Susan at Both of these memes are fun so you should visit their blogs and all of their participants'.

For Blue Monday, I am sharing our plant with blue flowers called Blue daze. Isn't the blue color just gorgeous? deep.

I have it hanging on our new gazebo which is what I am showing you for Met Monday.
I have always wanted to have a gazebo so getting this delivered to us last Friday was a dream come true for me. This is a view while seated on the arbor bench.
I was so happy to see the delivery truck.
And here are the store owners setting it up with John's help. Do you see the heavy pedestal in the foreground? We bought a pair and they were delivered with the gazebo and an iron swing which you will see in the last picture. They are so heavy, I can't move them.

It's all assembled now but it looks kinda bare, doesn't it? Do you see the temporary crossover in front of the gazebo? We are building a moat and putting a bridge there.
We went to Lowe's to buy some plants on Saturday and I placed them where I wanted them planted.
Today I started working right after we came back from church. We had to buy some more brick blocks from a local hardware store. I laid the bricks with the help of my granddaughter, AJ and friend, Nit. I planted as Nit and John dug the ground.
The gazebo is 6 sided and I planted climbing star jasmines on 4 of the corners. It has 3 entries and 3 windows.
I intentionally left gaps between the bricks. We poured top soil on the gaps and I spread creeping thyme seeds all over. I hope they grow.
That was tiring and enough to make us sweat so we all swam right after.
We are still waiting for the sod guy so he can lay sod in b/w the gazebo and the edge.
I planted creeping figs at the edge of the hill hoping they will creep down and cover the ground and prevent erosion. This soil is what was dug out of the yard where the pool went. It was packed very tight that is why I could not dig for the plants. I plan to move our wrought iron settees and chairs from the front porch inside the gazebo. I will do that tomorrow since I have a gardener who is coming to help me.
This area below is my next project and it's what we hired a gardener to help us with. Do you see the iron swing. We bought that at the same place where we got the gazebo from. This is the area behind the sloping yard where I created terraces, which is behind the pool slide. The area is flat and I want to clean it but I am so terrified of snakes so I am going to have the gardener do it. After it is clean, we will lay some bricks, the same ones that we used on the gazebo floor. Then, I will make this into another conversation pit.
So many projects, it seems like I never run out.
I hope you enjoyed visiting cause I always enjoy your visits. Thanks to Sally and Susan for these fun events! Now, let's all head over to their sites!


Tomarie said...

C! I can't believe how much work you did in ONE day!! This looks beautiful! Your brickwork is AWSOME!! L~

Anonymous said...

Christine- I love the gazebo ! You are so going to love spending time here and I love the idea of growing creeping thyme between the bricks- I can already smell that wonderful fragrance!!

Can you believe I had not been a follower all this time! I had you on my other list but not the follower list- well I fixed that real quick!!


Blondie's Journal said...

No wonder this was a dream come true!! It is beautiful!! And..after you worked so hard, you got to go for a swim!!

I adore everything, Christine! Your hard work and planning has paid off!!

Enjoy! :-)


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Oh Christine, you have been working hard, but your labor has paid off. That looks fabulous! Amazing what the bricks and the flowers did to make it more inviting. So pretty. laurie

Unknown said...

Christine..I love to see your colorful flowers here. The look beautiful and even peaceful. I wish I had some and put at home. Toddler Crafts Susan

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Christine, that is such a lovely thing for your yard, and it looks so nice next to your pool. I'm excited for you!!!

Happy Blue Monday...


Sheila :-)

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Looks like you have been hard at work. The gazebo is just great and I hope you get so much enjoyment out of it. I'm sure you will.
Love those flowers! Very pretty.
Enjoy your day!

Drawn to The Sea said...

I've seen that plant, but never knew what it was called. Very pretty.

Happy Blue Monday :-)
Julia @ Drawn to the Sea

Cindy J. said...

Oh my goodness what a beautiful job.. everything looks soooo nice. Boy you guys are some good workers... Love the way you put the bricks in and all of the gorgeous plants.. can't wait to see the rest.. glad you are getting some help..Love, Cindy

Its So Very Cheri said...

That looks so wonderful, relaxing and inviting.

Sorry-I've been out of commission -- terribly sick for over a week-- but do you want to know how I cut my grocery bill in half? go to Cut your grocery bills now plus I have a give a way and a new Mr Linky party starting tomorrow but Mr Linky will be up by 8 p.m. tonight.
Its So Very Cheri

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

I love blud daze - haven't had them in a while, and I don't know why - soooo pretty. You are going to really enjoy that gazabo! Linda

Cindy said...

That gazebo looks great. YOu are going to enjoy it. Those flowers are gorgeous.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Blue Daze is breathtaking!

I love the new gazebo. It's beautiful, Christine.

Kat said...

This is really beautiful Christine! I can see why you've been dreaming of doing this. What a wonderful place to relax. And the blue daze is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your beautiful yard with us. Kathy

Unknown said...

That is a lot of work!! You are going to have a first class backyard!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! And all that done in one day???

Love it :)

Shelia said...

Morning, Christine! Oh, what a beautifful gazebo! Oh, I'm so happy for you! Again, your home and gardens are so lovely! Have a wonderful day!
Be a sweetie,

Shelia ;)

ItaJeff said...

Beautiful blue your gazebo..
Happy Blue Monday

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Christine, I love, love, love the gazebo. It is just so pretty and your yard is looking fabulous. Love the pretty blue flowers too, just so pretty. Hugs, Marty

Unknown said...

Hi Christine! Oh my gosh you have been busy! I love your gazebo, in fast it the most beautiful one I have ever seen! I can't wait to see the moat! Pix and more pix!

Have a great week!
~Really Rainey~

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi Christine, The Blue Daze is incredible. I'm not sure I've ever seen it. Wonder if it would grow up our way? The gazebo is wonderful. That's a dream of mine to have one.. would love for it to go over the hottub.. maybe someday.. hugs ~lynne~

Coloradolady said...

Wow. What a charming little get away place this will be. I love it. Looks like it was a lot of work, but it will be so worth it when you are enjoying it. Have a great blue Monday.

Unknown said...

That plant is perfect on your new gazebo. It looks wonderful!
I'm having a big book giveaway, if you're a reader, check it out! There's something for everyone, even hubbies!

Salmagundi said...

What a metamorphosis your yard is making with the pool, etc. Just beautiful - you won't need to travel as you have it all right there at home!! Sally

Blondie's Journal said...


I came back to tell you that I did notice the creeping thyme. I am excited to see how it will look when it takes off. Then...I realized how rude I have been again, not seeing your last 4 posts. Here at the lake, there is always something going on and so many projects making the house look back to normal after the renovations. And....shhhhh! The Husband has no idea how much I blog everyday, so with him here all day long, I think he'll get annoyed to see me at the computer all the time!

HOWEVER...I scrolled back!! Your Lladro is so cute. I do love the little boy~so polite! I tried to give my mother Lladros for her china cabinet as much as possible for birthdays and such. She was always very touched.

I never thought to do my little trip to the B&B in your Sightseeing Saturday, but it would have been the perfect time. So many bloggers taking vacations and trips this summer, I wonder how they don't think of this event. We will have to put our heads together to spread the word!!

I found the post on Edison extremely interesting and informative. What a genius he was. It was very cool to see his lab and the Model T. But the Banyan tree~incredible! I will have to show Al that!!

I can't say enough about your new pool and yard. It is incredible!! How relaxing your free time must be. Do you have help with the pool and gardens? I think it would require all 24 hours of your day!! I envy your raised beds. I'd really love to do that here because our soil is so sandy and rocky. I will have to make that a goal next summer.

I also loved your tablescape by the pool. The mermaid pitcher is gorgeous! I am wondering if the Marshalls down in Florida and that area carry more coastal/water related items. I have never seen anything like that here...

Well I only have one more week here and then 5 days to get Abby ready to leave for school so I don't know how much time I will have on my computer, so if you don't hear from me, you will sooner or later and get a 5000 word comment!! LOL!! OH, love the charm bracelets!! How neat to have them to represent some of the worldly places you have visited! I think you were wearing one the night we met. I was secretly trying to get a glimpse of all your pretty jewelry!! LOL!

Take care, my friend!


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

you are busy :o) It all is looking great and I am sure it will be stunning when you are all through!

I wanted to let you know that I have a Blog "HUG" (aka AWARD) to give to you...come by and pick it up...and I finally have my blog button ready for pick-up too... I'd love for you to pick them both up.

Blessings & aloha!

Barb said...

Hi Christine, the gazebo is lovely!!

Barb :-)

SmilingSally said...

That blue plant is delightful, and your new gazebo will bring you so much pleasure. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

Terry said...

Oh my gosh this is really amazing.
Loved all the great photos !
Thank you for sharing with us.
You really have a fabulous place.
Those are brilliant blue petals blooming from your blue daze plant.
Have a very blessed rest of the week.
Happy Trails

ellen b. said...

Hello Christine! That gazebo is great! What a lovely addition to your yard. Ahh projects...they seem to never end for us, too. Enjoy your week!

Sarah said...

Christine, this is going to be such a lovely spot. Is it a "hot spot" for wireless? If so, you could be out in your gazebo writing your blogs!
I love my outdoor spaces. Too hot here this summer to enjoy them, but hopefully fall will be here in a couple of months.

Unknown said...

i too cannot believe how much you got done so fast.we are going to have to start calling you"SUPER CX".
it is all so beautiful,when it gets grown up it will be even more beautiful.
i cannot believe you can find anything else to do in this lovely home of

pam said...

What a wonderful project...

Connie said...

Hi Christine,
Love your new gazebo. I can imagine you worked very hard that day. Do you think when you are finished and all the stonework is done, the snakes will go elsewhere ? That's what keeps me up North. It looks like you have a big beautiful back yard ~~ enjoy it !

Anonymous said...

Christine your gazebo is just beautiful. I can't wait to see it as you add your own lovely style. I wish the Thymus serpyllum would grow here,but it is just too humid.You definitely have the decorator and gardener's touch. Your home is a masterpiece and you must be so proud of your hard work. Bravo.


MyThoughtsMyVoice said...

Oh i hope all your plants grow. It would be so nice to see vines creeping into your gazebo, and the ones you also planted in between bricks. Genius!

Love the spot of you swing. It's like in a secret garden :-)

happy Blue Monday!


Diana LaMarre said...

Hi Christine,
What a great project. That is a lovely place to relax with a book or a cold drink on a hot day. I can't wait to see more it. That bridge over the moat sounds perfect for that area.

A big project for sue, but you will be rewarded with its beauty for years to come.

bj said...

This looks amazing and once all the plants grow and you have your little is going to be AWESOME!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Oh my goodness, Christine! It's beautiful! I can't believe all the work you have done! I am tired just from reading about it! I can't wait to see the completed project. I think you need to give yourself one day to just float in the pool and relax with a little umbrella in your drink. Have you been down that wonderful slide yet? Have a great week!...hugs...Debbie

Kammy said...

Hi Christine !
Your yard is getting prettier all the time ! I love a gazebo !

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