Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bees and Buttercup

My friend, Brenda was off and we have not seen her for a while, so we decided to have a get together luncheon at home. I have been so busy with yard work and taking care of the water damage inside the house so I could not set up the table ahead of time. Good thing my friends suggested we will do a potluck so all I had to make was a dessert, rice and hot tea.

I did not invite anybody else because I am a little shy about inviting people if it is potluck. Does anybody else feel this way? I would rather cook everything than ask guests to bring food too but today, I had no time to cook. The luncheon was a spur of the moment thingy.

I just set the table in the morning while baking my "cassava coconut" dessert. My Spode "Buttercup:" dishes were easily accessible. They were displayed in my open china cabinet in the kitchen so I decided to use them.

Then I went around the house and picked anything that would blend for a centerpiece and this is what I came up with.

I bought the yellow sheer lacy embroidered runner from the other vendor's booth in the store for $1.50

I really like these plates. I love the texture and the colors.

See how they are kindly ruffly and have a basket weave pattern?

Bee napkin rings were bought for $1.99 each on clearance at Sur La Table. The Napoleon Bee flatware are from Horchow or Neiman Marcus.

This hand painted lidded server is from Ebay. I thought it matched the plates perfectly. I served mango salsa in it, which goes so well with the fried fish.

The pineapple goblets are from TJ Maxx from a long time ago.

The yellow and brown bird S & P shakers blended in too. I sliced hot peppers from my vegetable garden for the people who likes hot salsa like me. I could not add them ahead of time because John does not like spicy food. He came home for lunch to join us 3 ladies for a little while.

I served hot tea from my Bee teapot into the Spode "Buttercup" teacups and saucers.

My friends brought fried fish, baked beans and a raspberry drink while I baked this coconut cassava dessert you see below. I also made rice and mango salsa and hot tea.

If you want to see some really good tablescapes, go visit Susan at

To see some lovely vintage things, go to Vintage Thingie Thurs.

Thank you for hosting, ladies, and thanks for stopping by, y'all!
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