Friday, August 12, 2011

Cheval Mirror Refinished

I am going on a short trip so I don't have time to put pictures together before Saturday to take you sightseeing, but since my logo says events and shopping too, I will just show you what I bought, unless you want to tour our messy garage, lol.

John and I went to the antique marketplace to drop off something at my booth. I always walk through the other booths before we go home whenever we go there.

I spotted this wooden cheval mirror for $20. I told John that I think I can make it look better and sell it for more. So we bought and took it home.

As to be expected, John told me there's nothing wrong with the stain and I don't have to paint it.

But, I knew painting it will make it look better so, I took it in the garage and started working on it.

I wanted to paint it a cream color but my only chalk paint is this duck blue and I did not want to have to sand and prime it. So, I just painted it blue

I have this wooden crown in natural wood. I painted it blue also and added a mocha glaze on the outlines and glued it to the top of the mirror.

I just sanded the edges a little to make it look old.

and it's all done.

I am happy to announce that the mirror did not even make it to the store. My friend saw it and bought it straight from the garage.

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