Monday, August 8, 2011

Shelia's Heart of the Home party

Hear ye! Hear ye! Shelia's Heart of the Home Party is here and all your chickens: roosters, hens and chicks are invited. If you want to see all the attendees and I do encourage you to see their wonderful posts, click on the banner on my side bar or visit Shelia at .

My hen teapot is attending. And so is the little chick on her lid.

The rooster candle holders sure don't want to be left out. Do you see the rooster on the tray and the little rooster from Portugal? They want to come along too. Also the embroidered rooster on the tea towel.

Let's gather more roosters. Here are some dinner plates painted by a French artist and also an S & P shaker set. Ah! There's a chicken wire basket holding some white plates.

A wooden country hen and a ceramic one.

Two more pairs of black and white S & P shakers sitting or rather standing on shelves in the laundry room. Well, I think the hens are sitting.

A night light in the bar.

4 blue and white mugs on top of the kitchen cabinets.

A white chicken egg holder with a little chick salt shaker.

Last but not least, an oil painting ready to greet you as you enter the front door in the foyer.

I love this painting. The chickens look so alive.

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Thank you all, gracious ladies, for hosting and thanks y'all for coming by!
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