Monday, October 25, 2010

New Table From an Antique Shop

John and I took my mom for a ride last Saturday. We went to an antique shop in Vicksburg and I saw this mahogany table that I fell in love with. Do you see how the claw feet matches my lion chair's claw feet? The table is really heavy. It is small but John and I had to help each other in carrying it inside the house. It is in perfect solid condition and I love that it has a drawer that I can use for additional storage and a shelf underneath that I can use for an additional display. It also has some griffin carvings on the upper part of the legs.

I moved the potted plant from outside. It has pretty yellow flowers all year round but I am afraid it will not survive the cold winter months.

You will see different vignettes here. I tried different ways but the vignette in the very first picture above stayed.
I tried putting my Sevres cherub compote but I think it is too bulky for the space. The small Viennese vase that we won at an antique auction stayed though and so did the vase with small roses. I love the colors of the roses.

A celeste blue Sevres casket is on the shelf underneath. It must be for jewelries but I only keep spare light bulbs that I use in the living room in it. I am too lazy to go to the garage to get a replacement bulb when one burns out, lol.

This vignette has been changed. I took out the tall vase too.

This occasional French table with inlaid wood stands against the wall in between the 2 windows.
It holds a lamp with a slag glass shade that we also won at an antique auction, a peacock tea set, a Villeroy & Boch crystal candelabra, a Raphael Madonna plate and a small amber fairy lamp.

My sister, Fe from Illinois, gave us this antique clock when we went to Chicago for John's medical convention a few years ago. Thanks, atsi! It is still one of our treasured possessions.

Tracy Porter's Peacock Tea set

I bought the tea pot and my daughter Tina and her hubby Scott, bought me the sugar and creamer servers one Christmas. I found the tray while shopping at TJ Maxx in Florida. Thank heavens it did not break in my suitcase. I really like all the details, the colors and the shape.

Everytime I go to the living room, I see and step on this so I thought I'd take a picture and show you too. How do you like my old new antique Persian rug? I really like the colors and design, found it on Ebay, so I bought it and placed it on the foyer.

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I hope you like my new table and the vignettes I created above the 2 tables in the formal living room. This room is the least used room in our home. John and I occasionally would just sit there to admire the surrounding. Another time we go there is to look out the window when our alarm system suddenly screams" Driveway alert!" in the late evenings or in the middle of the night. Most of the time, it's just deer crossing our yard but we like to watch them.

Thanks to all our gracious hostessess and host for these fun memes.
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