Monday, October 18, 2010

Teatime with Stepdaughter and Kids

My stepdaughter and her 3 cute kids just left for the airport Monday morning.
When they came, the first thing Kerri told me was the kids kept asking if we could have a tea party again. I had a tea party for them when they visited last summer and they really enjoyed it.
I have been extremely busy with my mom's accident and all the activities going on around so I did not have time to prepare anything until Sunday afternoon. I told them that I would just stay home instead of going to the Balloon Festival with them cause I could not cook, bake and be out there and do all at the same time. Besides, my mom is finally feeling her soreness from the fall so I would rather she stay home and rest and of course, I have to stay with her.
So as soon as they left, I set the breakfast table by the window for tea.

I used 2 teapots, one for hot apple cider and another one for Summer Fruits tea.

I took out my butterfly dessert plates because the kids love butterflies.

I always like to use warmers when I am serving tea.

They were out for hours so I knew we wouldn't have time to have tea before dinner. I cooked dinner and set the round table in front of the fireplace for dinner and just made the tea table for dessert. I will show my whole tablescape one of these Thursdays.
You should have seen me running around like crazy. The kitchen was like a beehive with one bee. I was doing laundry, baking, cooking and setting 2 tables and taking care of my mom's needs.

I baked a Halloween cake from a box. I thought the kids would enjoy it. I usually bake cakes from scratch but I had to make use of as much shortcuts as I can for this weekend. I was extremely busy, could hardly catch my breathe and my muscles have been pretty sore too from all the stress and activities.

I baked some cat sugar cookies. They were really good and they are ready to bake by Pillsbury.

Noah and Zoe really enjoyed the cookies. Here they are posing.

And Holden who still could hardly speak tried to call my attention too. He wanted his picture taken also.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our family tea time. Thank you all for viewing and I would especially like to thank our hostesses. I hope you get to visit them too.
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